READi™ System

READi™ System

customer-managementREADi™ System facilitates operational excellence by providing robust workflow management functionality configured to align with your business processes. In addition, READi™ System provides the core customer data and customer relationship management features that support your efforts to build better (and more profitable) relationships with your customers.

System Module Features:

Customer Care
Customer care is really all about providing your customers with the highest possible level of service. The READi™ Express, web-based, CRM platform, can provide your organization with the tools it needs to raise customer service to new levels while improving your efficiency and bottom line.   The presentation layer (screen design) is the best in the industry.

Customer Enrollment
READi™ System makes customer enrollment smoother by providing complete order entry, turn-on work order, customer notification, and initial billing easier and more efficient. The customer enrollment process includes a set of options for each particular offering that you can set and maintain in system data tables, eliminating the reliance on programming staff. Electronic customer enrollment is also supported using EDI, XML, or ASCII formats and accepts multiple types of order entry methods and formats.

Contract Management
READi™ System helps to automate your customer enrollment management processes while simultaneously providing your customer with options relating to how and when bills are paid, contract term and renewal options, discounts, and many other options that you define and control.

Automated Billing
READi™ System provides automated bill features that improve efficiency and significantly reduce your utility billing costs. The system provides the ability to bill many formats (Rate and Bill Ready, Dual Bill, Consolidated Billing, Summary, Sub-metering, and Complex presentations) and OpSolve can develop specific billing solutions for clients including complex billing algorithms and triggers.

Converged Billing
READi™ System is designed to handle converged and consolidated customer billing. Customers can receive a single bill for gas, electric, water/wastewater, telecom, and non-utility products and services if desired and the converged bill can include one or more service locations. Alternatively, customers can elect to receive a converged bill for each location (Summary Billing).

Payment Processing
Efficient processing of customer payments is required in today’s utility billing environment. The solutions, designed with the end user in mind, marry ease-of-use automation and efficiency in a real-time or batch payment process that flows throughout the accounting and customer service systems and can be suited to your organization’s individual needs.

Receivables Management
READi™ System offers complete account receivables management capability. The system allows for detailed and summary aging reports and other accounting reports that provide complete account visibility and facilitate account reconciliation. Functionality also includes built-in accounting transfer function that allows you to easily export financial information to your accounting system.
Credit and Collections
Credit and collection challenges seem to be never ending for utility companies. READi™ System provides credit and collection features that ease the process and can help you to get more dollars in the door quicker, with less effort.

Contact Management
READi™ System includes call tracking and customer contact logging capability that is fully integrated with the service and work order modules. Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) have full visibility to all customer contacts and any required follow up tasks. The system can automatically generate logs, work orders, and related activities based on the customer’s request.   The READi™ System can also integrate with “best of breed” call center or other customer relationship management applications.

Targeted Messaging
Built-in targeted bill messaging allows you to specify who gets what message and when they get it. The platform manages bill inserts based on your specific criteria and automatically logs customer contacts, including customer letters, giving your entire organization a full view of your relationship with that customer.

Letter Generation
Built-in letter generation capability allows you to target specific mailings or electronic contacts to customers based on criteria that you supply. For instance, you can generate marketing letters to any group within your customer base, offering new products and services or supporting your customer branding initiatives.

System Interfaces
READi™ System was conceived and designed with a “best of breed” approach. It offers a high degree of integration capability by virtue of its open-architecture design. The READi™ System successfully interfaces with many popular meter reading, financial, credit rating, bulk mailing, geographic information and other systems. The sophistication of the system’s integration enhances its ability to facilitate client data migrations.

Data Exchange
READi™ System offers fully customizable data exchange capability that is 100% file driven – eliminating the need for additional programming. The system accepts and validates transactions between utilities and 3rd parties including customer enrollment, meter reads/consumption, receipts/payments, etc. in EDI, XML or ASCII formats.

Retail Products and Services
Products & Services module allows you to set-up virtually any type of new product and services offerings in minutes. These offerings can expand relationships with existing customers, attract new customers and enhance 3rd party supplier relationships.

Meter Processing
Meter Processing Module integrates with a variety of meter devices to send out read requests and instructions and receive meter reads for billing. It includes a variety of quality control reports and processes to detect consumption outside of user-defined tolerances. The Meter Processing module integrates tightly with the Utility Billing Module to identify exception data and prevent billing errors.

Transportation Management
Transportation Module works in conjunction with other READi™ System modules to offer features critical to success in the gas utility markets. The Transportation Module is designed to manage imbalances and pool-to-pool transfers for large accounts and aggregators, including tracking out-of-balance-conditions, applying and billing cash-in and cash-out and integrating to electronic bulletin boards. Wholesale gas services are also managed and billed through this module.

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