Energy Depot

Energy Depot

utility-worker-laptopEnergy/Water Depot™
OpSolve provides software efficiency tools to energy and water utilities for their commercial and residential customers. Today, these Internet-based software applications are active with hundreds of energy and water company clients throughout North America. Energy Depot® and Water Depot® online software suites offer accurate, personalized results and customer-friendly user experiences.

Energy Depot® is a suite of interactive applications designed to quickly provide accurate and actionable reports based on commercial and residential customers’ specific energy efficiency needs. When customers have questions about their energy consumption and monthly bills, they naturally look to you to be the energy expert.
Energy Depot® includes:

  • Personal Energy Audit Profile
  • Energy Calculator
  • Energy Comparison Tool
  • Energy Library with Frequently Asked Questions
  • Energy Advisor tool

Your Energy Depot® implementation can include all of these applications or any combination that meets your company’s needs.
Besides offering expert personalized answers to your customers’ energy questions, Energy Depot® can help your utility collect and quantify market data, achieve business objectives by promoting marketing and energy efficiency programs, reduce customer service costs and build customer satisfaction and loyalty. Use the Energy Depot® software in your onsite Audit Program.

Water Depot® is an interactive water conservation application for residential customers designed to be integrated, or linked, with your company’s website. The tool is a residential customers’ online source to a wealth of information and resources regarding home water use and related costs. Use Water Depot® as the means to provide value added services, collect customer data and as a sales delivery channel for new products and services.

Water Depot® includes Personal Home Water Profile is an online, do-it-yourself, home water audit that addresses the full range of home water systems and uses. The home questionnaire allows customers to complete their audit in about 10 – 15 minutes. Once the questionnaire is completed, customers receive a highly graphic Personal Home Water Profile report that includes a cover letter, water usage and cost graphs, annual water cost by use (indoor and outdoor) and specific recommendations with cost savings estimates. All customer data is retained and available for marketing and water conservation program purposes.

These tools complement a customer engagement campaign to leverage the data collected and the customer’s desire to receive more education to reduce energy and water usage. OpSolve’s consulting services include campaigns created for your utility to meet specific goals of your company or department.