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Energy Efficiency for Consumers

Energy efficiency means a lot of things to a lot of people:

Everyone wants to be energy efficient, but most people don’t know where to start. OpSolve has great products and services for everyone interested in living a more energy-efficient lifestyle. We’re all in this together and now you can step up to get engaged and start saving.

For energy companies and retail energy providers, we offer online tools and customer engagement programs to promote energy efficiency under your brand so that you can expand your product offerings, retain more customers, and improve customer satisfaction.

For consumers, OpSolve offers greencents™ our own online customer app for helping families lower their energy usage to save money and help the environment.  We feature several programs including great prices and financing on LED light bulbs.   LED bulbs from greencents™ literally pay for themselves so let us show you how to take advantage of the savings at home and at office.

Find out how greencents™ is helping businesses and families like yours

Everyone wants to be energy efficient and greencents™ shows you how live a more energy-efficient lifestyle. LED light bulbs pay for themselves and greencents™ provides hundreds of other tips and recommendations and products and services that bring you better living in a better world.

Programs that keep great employees
No out of pocket cost to upgrade and save
Innovative programs that create residual income
Join a network of people who care

Learn how you can start living an energy efficient lifestyle that saves you money and heals our environment.

Contact us today to see how many ways we can help you and your organization enjoy the benefits of better living in a better world.

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