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OpSolve's processes and solutions are designed to exceed our clients' expectations through technology, experience, and shared success.

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We are Leaders in Technology that’s Out-of-the-box Yet Tailored to Suit Your Business Needs.

OpSolve’s software and consultative approach supports clients reaching their goals for acquiring and serving life-time customers. Our powerful, configurable platform provides extensive process automation and enables clients to improve their operations, lower operating costs, and address the problems encountered in their business processes.

OpSolve provides a full suite of solutions for utility and energy retail providers to acquire and serve customers to grow their businesses and ultimately build enterprise value.

OpSolve Solutions Serve:

Energy Companies

Exceptional CIS/CRM Billing System to manage the entire meter­-to-­cash delivery objectives. Our solutions promote back-office excellence and superior customer service experience for your customers.

The READi™ System is a powerful, highly configurable, CIS/CRM Billing platform. OpSolve integrates customized utility customer engagement programs that promote energy-efficiency education to increase customer satisfaction. More Services
for Utilities
Retail Energy Providers

Powerful, customized solutions for today’s competitive Retail Energy Providers that auto- mate and manage your business processes so your system doesn’t manage you.

The READi™ System increases operational performance, improves customer satisfaction, and lowers operating costs with extensive business process automation. Our fully-integrated ‘best-in-the-class’ CRM and energy-efficiency engagement solutions increase retention to build value in your organization. More Services
for Retail Energy
Energy Efficiency
for Consumers

Everyone wants to be energy efficient!
Let us show your customers how!

Customers want to be more energy efficient, but don’t know where to start. greencents™ is the road-map to living a more energy-efficient lifestyle. Our product can be white-labeled to engage your customers as an energy partner which builds a lasting relationship. More Services
for Energy Efficiency

Why OpSolve?

The OpSolve team is a great partner for your business. We recognize pain points caused by outdated, limited software that cannot adapt and support the evolution of the utility and retail energy industries. Today’s energy companies need to be more responsive and customer-focused and we provide the solutions that are leading this charge. If you are not doing business with OpSolve you are getting left behind. Don’t be a “behind”.

Business Process Automation
Lower operating cost and improves performance
Customer Engagement
Build life-time relationships with your customers
Best in Class CRM
Reduce call handling and improve customer satisfaction
Advanced APIs
Extensive and seamless third party integration

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